Honorary President Bob Callander has been a member since 1971 and was President in 1982. He is well known as a reader and still regularly delights us with ‘Tam o’ Shanter’ He was treasurer of the club from 1989 to 2010

Honorary Vice-President Tom Barlow has been a member of the club since 1974 and was President in 1976. He regularly perform at our events and has a large repertoire of poems in some of which he is joined by Mike Taylor

Club Members

Committee Members

 G.C. Munro     P. Reilly     R. Callander     A.D. Galt       W. Kean      J.G.N. Young      

 D Callander    R Ryan    G DePledge   J G Findlay    J Wallace     

1958    Dr. J. Rorke   

1966    R.S. McCulloch        

1968    J. Aitcheson                

1971    *R.A. Callander (1982)    R.D. Callander    J.Bain            

1974    *A.M. Aitken (1987)   Dr. I.N. McCulloch    Dr. T. Alcorn        

1975    J. Murie        

1976    R.G. Rennie        

1977    A.A. Cunningham   A.T. Wilson  *Dr. T. Barlow (1986)    *K.W. Macintosh(1988)      

1978    E.G.R. Cochrane        

1979    T.W. Neighbour    

1980    *J.M. Nelson (1993)   J.W. Lawrie    

1981    *J.F. Sorbie (1991)  Dr. C.G. McKay        

1983    I.H. Hulme    A. Grant    

1984    J.G. MacIntyre    G. Campbell Jnr    J.F. Hosie    C.J. Hosie          

1985    *M.C. Taylor( 1997)       

1986    A.M. Stark Jnr.        

1987    A.H. Blue    M. McKay    Dr. L. Bidwell         

1988    I.R.MacKenzie     *W. Kean (2006)        

1989    J.T. Hutton    *A. Galt (1999)    B. Neeson       

1990   *J. Cardle (1996)    *E.M.P. Reid (1998)        

1991    R. Black    P.G. Edwards    G.C. Thomson    T. Telford        

1993    J. Blakely    I. Marshall    J.F. Miller         

1994    J.A.Bell   *Rt. Rev. Dr. Sir J. B. Cairns (2002)    D.R. Callander  *G.C. Munro (2003)                 

          *J.R. McLean (2004)  W.H. Smith  G. McG. Wallace    D.C. Smith           

1996    J. G. Neil    

1997    H.M. Tillery   *J. Wallace (2007) J. Gardner  A.E. Gear   P.V. Crozier   *Dr. P. M. Trust (2010)

           A.G. Paterson G. Adie        

1998    I.W. McGregor  Dr. A. McDougall    *P. Reilly (2009)  *J.G.N. Young (2005)   *J. Platt (2008) 

1999    J.E. Kerr    D.F. Douglas    J.G. Auld   W.B. Skinner     

2000    W.M.S. Cook     S.J. Wallace    G. Campbell        

2001    N. McLeary 

2002    H. Valentine    H.R. Sharkey    J.D. Welsh MBE    G. DePledge     J. Reilly MBE 

           *J.G. Findlay (2011)   H.S. Robertson     

2004     AMcBride  J. Irwin M.B.E    J. Pollock    G. Johnston       

2005    A.T. Birt   E.G. Thomson    C. MacDonald     P.M. Murie    R. Dryden    A McCormick     

           G.W. Carmichael  J. Paterson   

2006    D. M. Slessor  *C Lawrie (2012)  

2007    Malcolm King  William Wilkie  Robert Roache   Hugh Young  Paul Davis                     

           Alastair Morrison   David Baird   Peter Robertson   John Gardner   Dr D. Alcorn   M. McLeay  

2008    A.W. Milne  J. Connolly  J. Platt  G Campbell  

2009    M. Kyle  S. Docherty  G. McGaughey

2010    A.G Dickson  J.S. Forrester  D. Kinniburgh   J.L. Reynolds  R. Ryan 2015                         

2011    *G. Dunwoody (2014)   N.G. Johnston  J.W. Moore

2012    M Critchley

2013    A Bilsland  G Craig

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