Honorary President Bob Callander has been a member since 1971 and was President in 1982. He is well known as a reader and still regularly delights us with ‘Tam o’ Shanter’ He was treasurer of the club from 1989 to 2010

Honorary Vice-President Tom Barlow has been a member of the club since 1974 and was President in 1976. He regularly perform at our events and has a large repertoire of poems in some of which he is joined by Mike Taylor

Club Members

Committee Members

      R.A. Callander     W. Kean      J.G.N. Young   G Dunwoody  P M Trust   D.R Callander    R Ryan

G. Depledge   J. G. Findlay    J. Wallace   D. Kinniburgh   A. McCormick  

1958    Dr. J. Rorke           

1968    J. Aitcheson                

1971    *R.A. Callander (1982)    R.D. Callander    J.Bain            

1974    *A.M. Aitken (1987)   Dr. I.N. McCulloch   

1975    J. Murie        

1976    R.G. Rennie        

1977   *Dr. T. Barlow (1986)    *K.W. Macintosh(1988)             

1979    T.W. Neighbour    

1980    *J.M. Nelson (1993)      

1981    *J.F. Sorbie (1991)  Dr. C.G. McKay         

1984     G. Campbell  J.G. MacIntyre    J.F. Hosie    C.J. Hosie          

1985    *M.C. Taylor( 1997)       

1986     A.M. Stark Jnr.        

1987     A.H. Blue    M. McKay    Dr. L. Bidwell         

1988    I R.MacKenzie     *W. Kean (2006)        

1989    *A. Galt (1999)    B. Neeson       

1990    *E.M.P. Reid (1998)        

1991     R. Black   G.C. Thomson       

1993     I. Marshall    J.F. Miller         

1994     J.A.Bell   *Rt. Rev. Dr. Sir J. B. Cairns (2002)   * D.R. Callander                 

           *J.R. McLean (2004)  W.H. Smith  G. McG. Wallace    D.C. Smith           

1996     J. G. Neil    

1997     H.M. Tillery   *J. Wallace (2007) J. Gardner  A.E. Gear  *Dr. P. M. Trust (2010)

            G. Adie        

1998    I.W. McGregor   *P. Reilly (2009)  *J.G.N. Young (2005)   *J. Platt (2008) 

1999    J.E. Kerr    D.F. Douglas        

2000    W.M.S. Cook     S.J. Wallace           

2001    N. McLeary 

2002    H. Valentine   G. DePledge     J. Reilly MBE *J.G. Findlay (2011)

2003    Dr D Brown  G D McIntyre

2004     AMcBride    J. Pollock    G. Johnston       

2005    E.G. Thomson    C. MacDonald     P.M. Murie    R. Dryden    A McCormick     G.W. Carmichael  

2006    D. M. Slessor  *C Lawrie (2012)  

2007    Malcolm King   William Wilkie  Robert Roache   Hugh Young  Paul Davis  Peter Robertson   John Gardner   

           Dr D. Alcorn   M. McLeay  

2008    A.W. Milne  J. Connolly G Campbell  

2009    M. Kyle  S. Docherty  G. McGaughey

2010    A.G Dickson  J.S. Forrester  D. Kinniburgh   J.L. Reynolds  *R. Ryan 2015  S Melvin                        

2011    *G. Dunwoody (2014)   N.G. Johnston  J.W. Moore

2012    I McIntyre   G McMillan  J McRae  D R Miller

2013    G Craig    M Critchley

2014    D H Campbell  G R Jack

2015    S C Birnie  W A Johnstone   J McGregor   G Ross

2016   D Carson

2017    C Watson

2018  G. Lloyd

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