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The 22/1/19 edition of the ‘Dumbarton Reporter’ contains a two page spread celebrating the 160th Annual Burns Supper of our Club

Click this link to see it!

The following week’s edition published this

The Charity Collection at this year’s Supper raised just  £1285!

Other charitable donations from members who were unable to attend raised this to £1398                                              _______________

Again we held our St. Andrew’s Night in the Dumbuck Country House Hotel. A quick survey of those attending indicated that it was not a successful event. Members complained that the service was slow, the food erratically cooked and the bar service poor.      

The committee, after vetting several venues, have decided that the  

   2020 St Andrew’s Night will take place at Cardross Golf Club.

More details will follow.                                            _______________

Dates for this sessions events are —

The annual Bools Match against/with the Howff boys took place in September. Regrettably this was not well supported by our members.

     This is always a fun event and NO experience of bowling is needed; indeed it may be that some  members could use it as a taster if they ever think of joining a bowling club.Why not give it a try? Next year we are in Dumfries. There will be a visit to the historic Globe Inn where Burns drank and is still the Howff Club’s meeting place.


A quick reminder:-

     Club ties ( in red and blue) are still available at £8

     Club badges  at a reasonable £5

     Copies of the Club’s history & Rag Bag of Rhyme ( Jimmy Hempstead’s poems)

     are both £10 per copy (+ postage if required)

Email via the link on the Home Page and they can be sent to you.


The club is seeking new members. Particularly those who can perform at our events. The old guard currently entertaining are getting near their ‘sell by’ date. Please give this your consideration and contact us. Help can be offered to those who may be a bit doubtful

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